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Current situation in Ukrainian economy, digital industry and adtech


War challenges to adtech and digital industry. How to survive, support national economy and  secure jobs


Global support to Ukraine: from concerns to actions


CEO в IAB Ukraine

Media and communication expert with more than 19 years of experience, author of the first approach to assessing the Internet market, member of the Supervisory Board of the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, former CEO of full digital agency adpro|isobar, COO razom communications. Certified consultant on the methodology of Ichak Adizes. Author of more than 20 online courses and trainings.


CTO, Adtelligent inc.

Ph.D. in Technical Sciences (Information Security), an expert in online advertising and marketing technologies with more than 8 years of experience, member of the Board of IAB Ukraine. CTO and member of directors of Adtelligent Inc., which develops in-house advertising solutions for media partners, digital agencies, and advertisers. Co-founder of myGaru innovation projects, specializing in personal data.

CEO Simulmedia

Dave Morgan is a several times founder of Adtech companies, most recently Simulmedia to biring automated buying and digital ad targeting to television. Previously, he founded and ran both TACODA, a pioneer in behavioral ad targeting, and Real Media, a pioneer in online ad serving and ad network sales and a predecessor to 24/7 Real Media

Chief Economist at IAB Europe

Daniel Knapp is the Chief Economist at IAB Europe. In addition to his role, he also is a partner at RE:DEF, a data science and strategy firm serving the digital advertising ecosystem. He is a board member at the Institute of European Media Law and at Europe’s MediaLab (Fondation Euractiv), a Brussels-based think tank focussing on media pluralism. Daniel also serves as advisor in residence at The Project X Initiative (PXI), a thought leadership and advisory collective focused on the international media, advertising, entertainment, technology, and sports industries. Previously, Daniel was associated expert on media and AI at the European Commission for Vice President Ansip’s Cabinet and co-founded programmatic advertising agency Twins Digital in Düsseldorf. He spent 11 years at IHS Markit, latterly as Executive Director in the Telecoms, Media and Technology practice. At IHS Markit, he pioneered Advertising Intelligence, a research and insight service that tracks ad spend in 65 markets globally. Before this, he worked in media policy in Germany. Daniel received his PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE) on the sociology of algorithms and the datafication of media.

Co-Founder & CEO at Blockthrough

Marty is an entrepreneur with a decade of experience building technology companies from scratch and wearing the many hats that entails. Since 2015, Marty has been the co-founder and CEO at Blockthrough, the market leader in adblock monetization and the world's most user-centric advertising technology company. In 2022, Blockthrough was acquired by Eyeo GmbH.

Co-Founder at configure8

Co-founder, CEO, former CTO, Product and Engineering manager. Ex AOL, Google, Microsoft, NASA, clean.io, X-ID. 60+ patents.

Seth is a seasoned tech industry veteran with a wealth of experience in adtech. Throughout his career, he has dedicated countless years to pioneering innovative solutions in this domain, being a Product Manager for Google Voice and Ads, CTO of a multi-billion adtech business, starting and scaling ventures.

Chief Compliance Officer, DataArt

Andrew joined DataArt in 2016 as a Chief Compliance Officer. Areas of expertise: corporate governance, compliance, information security. He has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Before joining DataArt, Andrew had managed an organization of 500+ employees, developing software in highly-regulated industries. He is a core member of the DataArt UA Board managing the Support Ukraine initiative — a long-term program to provide help to Ukrainian charity funds and volunteers.

SaaS-sopher Co-founder and COO @ MINT

VP, Chewy

Michael is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned corporate executive, having worked at Amazon, Microsoft, Verizon and many other major software companies, as well as starting and selling 6 venture backed startups. He is currently a Vice President at Chewy, who acquired his most recent startup, Petabyte. Michael has worked with Ukrainian companies for over 20 years.

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